About Us

Our Story
Pink Elephant Art Events brings artistic fun and creativity to venues in San Francisco.  I have been hosting events to bring people together who share a common interest in arts & crafts.  PEAE was created to join my love for great food and drinks together with my passion for creating art & craft with others. Often we all get caught up in our busy day to day and are searching for a creative outlet that also helps bring a fulfilling social interaction all into one.  With the help and support of many amazing people a seed of an idea has created the beginnings to an amazing company and organization.  To join together fantastic people who are searching to find others of like mind to share, build and well enjoy great food and drinks in each other’s company.  One day I hope not only to just host arts & crafts night but to help connect people and help them find new friends and networking opportunities through this community.  

Pink Elephant Art Events Supplies Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign

Help me raise funds to keep the events going.  All funds received will go towards supplies for the company and events. I've hosted craft nights for years successfully this will help me raise enough capital for the first round of craft materials so we can make this a success and bring art to us all at an affordable cost. Please help us get started: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pink-elephant-art-nights-supplies-fundraiser-food-social#/
See You There :)